The Spectra sundial gives the gift of many colorful days to come

A sundial gift certificate makes a perfect wedding or anniversary gift!

If you would like to order a Spectra sundial as a unique gift idea, and are unsure of the
details such as where your recipient might like to place it or which direction
it should face, you can purchase a Spectra sundial gift certificate that will enable them to
contact us directly and have their special sundial made according to their wishes.
Many of the Spectra sundials that we make are anniversary gifts - an anniversary gift certificate
for a Spectra sundial allows the couple to decide together where to put the sundial
in their home and what details they might like to include, or to wait until
they find their dream home before having their custom sundial made.
When we receive your order we will email the gift certificate directly to you
as a printable file. You will be able to print it immediately and send it to your recipient.
The Spectra sundial gift certificate currently costs $345.00 (US) and is
available for delivery worldwide. The shipping charge for continental US delivery of your
recipient's gift sundial will be added during checkout, and shipping charges on international orders
will vary. If you order a Spectra for international delivery, be sure to tell us where it is going
and we will email you a PayPal request for payment to cover any additional shipping charges.
We'll send you a sundial gift certificate that looks like this
Fill in the information below to give us the information we will use to register
a special Spectra gift certificate for your recipient, then click the buy button to
begin the secure ordering process. International currency conversion
is conveniently handled during the ordering process by PayPal,
and you can use your regular credit card to order your
gift certificate - you do not need to have a PayPal account.
Specific details on how we handle gift certificate orders appear further down this page.
Name of Recipient (optional)
Sundial Location (if not in the Continental US)
Spectra sundial inscription and date line
When we receive your gift certificate order we will log the production number
of the future dial, number and date the certificate, and send it to you directly via email so you
can give your gift personally. The gift certificate will direct your recipient to a special Spectra
web page which will fill them in on the details and tell them what to do next.
When the certificate holders contact us to make their dials we will personally usher them through the
sundial ordering process, carefully taking into account any special conditions they may have,
and make their new Spectra sundial specifically for their location and for the precise direction
they would like it to face. They can personalize their dial with an extra line of text above the chart
and a special date line and we will send them a proof drawing of the proposed layout for their review
and approval prior to completion. We like to make personal contact with each of our clients...after all,
you have chosen to give them something very special. Why wouldn't we treat them special as well?
We will enter all gift sundials into our schedule according to sequence and handcraft their
new one-of-a-kind signature Spectra sundial within 3-6 weeks on average, though during busy
times in the studio it may take a little longer. We will notify them when it ships, and most will typically receive
their new Spectra about 3 business days after that. Bear in mind that the time it takes to handcraft our custom
sundials may vary during certain high activity periods such as the weeks following Christmas
or when lots of Spectra orders or gift certificate redemptions arrive all at once.
Any import taxes or customs duty levied by foreign destination countries
are the responsibility of the customer and may need to be paid at the time of delivery.
We have no way of predicting the current taxation policies and rates for foreign countries.
Any additional shipping charges for international orders will be billed separately
through a PayPal request for payment sent directly to the customer. If the initial PayPal request for
foreign shipment is not completed by the gift certificate purchaser, the request for the additional
international shipping expense will be sent to whoever contacts us to redeem the
certificate and must be paid before the job can commence.
Spectra sundial in Autumn
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