Spectra sundial autumn leaves

The Spectra sundial gallery

Welcome to the Spectra sundial gallery, where we post some of the sundial pictures that have been sent to us by their proud owners. We think it is interesting to see their custom sundials in context in the home, and we are pleased to present these Spectra sundial pictures on our site for our visitors to see and enjoy.
Every Spectra sundial is made for its specific location and as a result, all of these unique vertical sundials look a little bit different - no two Spectra sundials are ever exactly the same, yet they are all part of the same worldwide family of Spectra sundials. This sundial photo gallery will serve to illustrate the changing nature of the layout of a vertical sundial as it is adapted to tell accurate time based on the direction it faces and the specific geographic location for which it was designed.
Click on the sundial pictures below to learn more about each sundial, where it is in the world, and which direction it was designed to face...
Spectra sundial in Washington DC Spectra sundial making rainbow color in England Spectra sundial painting rainbow color on an English kitty
Spectra sundial in Ohio Spectra sundial in Australia
Spectra sundial at sunset Spectra sundial in England
Spectra sundial beaming rainbow color into a beach house in Florida Spectra sundial in Ireland Spectra sundial in Florida
Spectra sundial in South Dakota Spectra sundial in New Hampshire
Spectra sundial in Austria Spectra sundial in Pennsylvania Spectra sundial in England
We hope that these sundial pictures will serve as an educational and visual sundial resource, and perhaps inspire you to make your own vertical sundial - or maybe even have us make a sundial just for you or send you a special sundial gift certificate that you can give to a friend.
With its ever changing shadows and vivid light show, it can be quite challenging to capture the true essence of a Spectra sundial in a photograph. If you have one of our sundials and would like to see a picture of it here, send it to us and we will post it for all the world to see.
We always protect the privacy of our clients, so we will only post their Spectra sundial pictures here if they give us permission to do so.
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 The Spectra sundial is an original copyright-protected product from the studios of Artisan Industrials Corporation. Dealer and gallery inquiries are welcome - contact us directly if you are interested in working with us on any special projects or representing our exclusive sundials.

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