Spectra sundial closeup with personalized inscription and date line
One of the reasons why the Spectra sundial is such a perfect anniversary
gift is because it can be very uniquely personalized to celebrate the occasion.
A special inscription can be added at no extra charge with extra lines of text
above the chart, and date lines can be added to commemorate special occasions
such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries - then the the tip of the time shadow
will follow the corresponding date line each year during the course of the special day.
Spectra sundial marking the actual time of a wedding ceremony
In addition to special inscriptions, date lines and "moment marks" can be added
to create a Spectra sundial that is a truly personalized one-of-a-kind gift.
The sundial layout above is from a south facing Spectra that has several date lines...
there is a date line for their anniversary, as well as date lines for their birthdays.
The couple was married on February 20th at 12:30 pm, so Jim added a special
moment mark on their anniversary date line to celebrate the actual moment in time
that they were married! See how the tip of the time shadow is touching the special mark?
Spectra sundial marking the actual time of a wedding ceremony
This is a Spectra that was designed to face a southwest direction, and the
couple was married on August 18th at 2:30 pm. Notice that the tip of the time
shadow is touching the special moment mark on their anniversary date line at the
time they were married. As long as the dial is designed to face a direction where it
will be receiving direct sunshine at the time of the ceremony, Jim can add a moment
mark to the date line that will celebrate their special moment in time each and every year!
Spectra sundial closeup showing engraved anniversary date lines
You will be given the opportunity to request inscriptions and date lines
near the end of the ordering process. Not all dates, or combinations of dates,
are suitable for inclusion if they happen to be very close together or very near
to the solstice or equinox lines (Dec 22, Mar 22, Jun 22, Sep 22)
Check with Jim if your desired date is close to any of these days...he may
have some tricks up his sleeve to make it happen for you anyway.
The Spectra sundial...one of the most unique anniversary gifts you will ever find
Contact us directly with any special ideas for personalizing your Spectra sundial,
and we will try our best to make you one of the most special gifts you will ever find!
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