Gentle ripples
The Sea of Tranquility
A person's emotional state of mind is like the surface of the waters of a personal sea. The usual state of these emotional waters is that of a gentle series of ripples, the natural result of our waters being affected by the forces of the world around us. If one is at peace...tranquil...the surface can be very smooth and reflective, but if one is in turmoil the surface of these personal waters can be choppy and if stirred up by a storm.
Angry crashing wave
A new idea or meaningful thought comes into this mental environment much like a pebble dropped into the surface of the water. If the waters are in turmoil the effect of the pebble will be barely noticed, lost and overwhelmed by the storm-tossed waves. However, if the surface of this pool of consciousness is calm and tranquil the effects of the pebble are immediately apparent, and the resultant splendid ripple can spread a great distance...and affect the entire surface of the pool.
When our waters are tempestuous all we can see is the water itself...not the reflected beauty of the world around us or the sometimes subtle effects of the occasional pebble.
So take a deep breath and relax...enjoy the world around you...
and delight in anticipation of what the next pebble may bring...

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