Spectra sundial front view
Spectra sundial shadow field
Spectra sundial base with time correction chart
Spectra sundial with prism beam Spectra sundial rear view
Spectra sundial prism beam
Spectra sundial bottom with designer signature and leveling feet

These colorful sundials are custom made just for you...

Each one of these unique indoor rainbow sundials is meticulously designed and handmade to order by well-known sundial designer Jim Tallman as an individual commission and treated as a functional piece of fine art sculpture. Every individual Spectra sundial is carefully calculated and handcrafted for the specific place where it is to be located and the direction it will be facing, so unlike most commercially available garden center or online sundials it actually works, can provide personalized date lines for special occasions, and is capable of telling clock time to within a couple minutes of accuracy. As a result, every Spectra sundial looks a little bit different and no two dials are ever exactly the same, yet they are all part of the same worldwide family of Spectra sundials.
The Spectra sundial stands almost 12" tall and is made of beveled glass and fine hand rubbed cast stone with brass shadowcaster and leveling feet, complete with a soft rubber bottom to protect your furniture or window sill. The Spectra is designed to have a removable dial plate, so if you ever move far away you can always send your Spectra sundial back to us for refitting for your new location - then your custom sundial will still have the same special inscription and date line, but the shadow field above will be reconfigured for your new global position and sundial direction so the dial will continue to give you perfect time in your new home, wherever that may be.
All Spectra sundials arrive with an informative packet of sundial information that includes detailed illustrated instructions on setup and use, product features, and an individual data sheet personally signed by Spectra creator Jim Tallman with all of the technical specifications for your specific sundial. Click on any picture for a closer look, or you can go directly to the sundial orders page to learn more about how to have one made for you.
Spectra sundial inscription and date line
These unique vertical sundials are individually designed and made to point, or "face"- meaning the direction you will be facing when you read them - any direction that receives direct sunlight during the course of the day. Some of the standard direction sundials are designed to face due south, like the one pictured at the top of this page, and tell time during the midday hours. You can also get a due east facing sundial made that will tell time during the morning hours or a due west facing sundial that will tell time from midday until the sun slips out of sight in the evening. These east or west facing beveled glass sundials can easily throw beautiful rainbow colored spectrum beams all the way across your room in the morning or evening when the sun is low in the sky.
The Spectra sundial can be ordered as a unique gift that simply faces one of these cardinal compass directions - E, SE, S, SW, or W - or if you want to give a Spectra as a gift and are unsure of where your recipients might want to put it or which direction their window faces, or if you just want to give them the experience of having a custom sundial made specifically for their chosen window, you can order a Spectra sundial gift certificate for a sundial to be made at a later date - that way they can contact Jim directly and have it made however they like. The Spectra sundial has been in continual production since 2002, and over those years Jim Tallman has personally handcrafted and shipped his sundials to customers all over the world. Many of them have written back to Jim to express their appreciation, and you can read some of the things they had to say on the Spectra sundial comments page.
Eastern-facing Spectra sundial with multiple prism beams Eastern-facing Spectra sundial Eastern Spectra sundial shadow field
This is a mostly eastern facing Spectra sundial that tells time during the morning hours. Sometimes a certain windowsill or other sunny spot will not perfectly face one of the basic compass directions mentioned above, requiring you to rotate a standard direction Spectra sundial until it faces its design compass direction. In situations where this is not acceptable, such as a placement on a narrow southeast facing windowsill, we have devised a way using satellite images from Google Earth that we can use to make your new glass sundial so that it will face the same direction that your window does. We also have another method we can use to "aim" the proposed sundial so that it can be oriented with respect to its surroundings - contact us for details. Generally, if you can face the sun directly in your proposed location or chosen window sill at some time during the day, we can make a sundial for you that will indicate the time during that part of the day.
Spectra sundial marking an anniversary day
For $325.00 (USD) you can have a Spectra sundial custom designed and handmade just for you. Let us know what direction it should face, the town where it will be located, any special inscriptions (you will have a chance during the ordering process) and we will get your new custom sundial started right away! We use PayPal to process all of our online credit card transactions, and you can use your regular credit card to order a Spectra sundial - you do not need to have a PayPal account - just click the buy button below and check out as a guest if you don't have a PayPal account. The standard shipping charge of $20.00 (USD) for continental US delivery of your Spectra sundial will be automatically added to your total charge amount during checkout, and shipping charges on international orders will vary. If you order a Spectra for international delivery, be sure to tell us where it is going and we will email you a PayPal request for payment to cover any additional shipping charges.
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The Spectra sundial is made just for you, for your specific location circumstances and including your own personal inscriptions and date lines. It is a highly customized privately commissioned work of art that once made, cannot be resold to any other customer. As such, no returns will be approved and no refunds given after a job has been started or completed and sent to you. This is mentioned here because we think it proper to state our policy for custom orders right here on our web site, not because we have ever had any quality problems in the past. If you would like to learn more about our reputation and the high quality standards we have established, we encourage you to have a look at these past customer sundial comments which have been sent to us over the years.
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